What You or Your Family Can Do

1. Pray for them

You are welcome to contact us (click here)to obtain a list of names and ages of children currently in our Place of Safety (click here)

Print out the list and tape it to your dashboard, refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Every time you find yourself waiting - in traffic, walking through the kitchen or looking in the mirror - pray for this child. Plead with our Father on their behalf. All of the children in our house has special needs and therefore needs your prayers!

2. Speak up for them

Keep a name of a needy child in your wallet or purse (click here to contact us). When you are visiting with other believers, pull it out and ask if they or some-one they know would give this child a home. Be a child's advocate. If you want to known more about foster care contact us for material on foster care (click here).

3. Mentor vulnerable children

The ranks of the fatherless and even the motherless continue on an upward spiral as the breakdown of the family continues unabated. Mentoring offers an oppurtunity to help break this cycle by providing a Godly role model and friend to a foster or otherwise vulnerable child.

4. Support those who support them

Mow a foster parents yard, offer to baby sit, or organize a few days worth of meals when a new child is placed in their home. And tell them often that you appreciate what they do.

Throw a shower for a family taking in a child. Often showers aren't thought of for these parents especially when the child is older. This greatly encourages foster families.

Sponsor a local child welfare organization and commit to pray for them, send an occasional gift or notes of encouragement (click here to send us an e-mail).

For more information on ways you can support foster families contact us to obtain material on foster care or to get involved (click here).

5. Make one phone call

What do you need? How many times do you think people call up an office and say that!

Waiting children exist right in your community. Call up your community's welfare services offices and ask the simple question: "What can we do to help children in foster care in our community?"

Contact us (click here)

6. Give sacrificially to them

Support reputable child welfare organizations on an ongoing basis.

Give financially to a foster family. Contact us to get involved in this way (click here).

7. Sponsor a vulnerable child or an entire Home of Safety

Make a differance in a single child or an entire house full of children through active child sponsorships (click here to see how you can sponsor a child).

8. Take a short-term mission trip

We don't care where you go, whether it's the far reaches of the planet or right in your own backyard. Go where you are already invested, go to new places the Lord sends you, but go and experience the face of God through the children in our world.

9. Provide them a Safe Home

Explore what it would take to become a foster parent in your local community. Your local child welfare offices are looking for safe and loving homes to place children who must be removed from their current home. Do you have an empty bedroom that could be put to great use for a child in need? What are you waiting for! Contact us (click here)to obtain more information on foster care (click here)