Vessels of Mercy Place of Safety

Social workers often need a house to place removed children for a short period of time until suitable foster parents are found. There is currently no other similar facility in Potchefstroom.

We accommodate six children at any given time. You are welcome to contact us if you want to become involved in any way.

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Our first house of safety

Our place of safety is situated in Ikageng, Extension 11, Potchefstroom.  It is a three bedroomed house, with a living area, kitchen and bathroom.  We are very proud of our safe house. We had the privilege to use this facility from 1 April 2010 until 31 December 2016 as this was only given to us to use and it was not our own property.

Our first own property

On 1 January 2017 we moved into a new home.  It is a small two roomed house with minimum facilities.  Although we would need to expand the facilities we are very excited since this is Vessels of Mercy's own property, which was donated to us!


First improvements to our new home!


  1.  We are very excited to show you our new fence and
  2. Newly installed (upcoming!) Baby Safe!
  3. The renovations to our first property!!!

 Our first house parents

Snodia and Louis Chikaonda and their family


Running of our House of Safety

The total cost of running this facility is around R15 000 per month. You would be able to participate with monthly contributions form as little as R 50 per month for a period of one year. It would also be possible to sponsor a child for a period of one year, from as little as R 300 per month. We need your contributions!  Make a contribution!  It costs us R62/child/day.