Ur Share In Foster Care

1. What is Ur Share in Foster Care?

 Ur Share in Foster Care is our program on sharing information on foster care. We are actively involved in the community in spreading information on foster care and also recruiting possible foster parents. We also run a database of possible foster parents. Below are the information on the process of applying. Give a child a family TODAY!

2. Information on foster care

 At the moment we have written material which gives general information on foster care. We also made a DVD on what Vessels of Mercy is all about and to encourage people who are willing to foster. Contact us if you want a copy (click here). You are also welcome to go to www.youtube.com

3.  Dates for our next foster care information session

Please contact us for the newest dates available for our foster care sessions.

 4. How to apply for our database

 1. Send us an e-mail telling us in which way you would be interested in foster care. (click here)

 2. We send you an application form for applying for the Database.

 3. You need to obtain more information from us, regarding foster care.

 4. We have an interview with you and discuss your application form.

 5. We put you on the database.

 6. When a child welfare organization contacts us, we put them in contact with you if you are a proper fit and the fostering process starts.