The Baby Safe

Our first attempt

 Our first attempt to install and run a baby safe in Potchefstroom was during the year of 2011.  This project never launched successfully.  Since then, we have learned much about the operations and procedures around running the baby safe.

The Baby Safe is a life-saving device which is installed into a wall or a door, where a baby could be placed instead of dumping the baby.  This baby is then collected within a three minute response time and in housed in a safe house or place of safety.  A case is reported at the local welfare organization and then the baby can be placed up for adoption.  The Baby Safe has a door which locks from the outside and the baby can only be collected from the inside door.

Our second attempt

During September 2017 we have installed a new, simple designed baby safe at our place of safety on our own property in Extension 6 in Ikageng.  Since we have our own property and we can manage the baby safe directly from our property we believe, this project will now become alive!