About us

The organisation’s main objective is to:

...care and/or counsel abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned or homeless children by: the provision of poverty relief, the provision of facilities for the protection and care of children of poor and needy parents, and the provision of support to people involved in the above mentioned activities.

The organisation’s secondary objectives are to:

  • Run a clothing-, food- and other necessities bank
  • To find foster parents where children can be cared for in a family environment as if they were their own, within their own communities, placing not more than six children in each home,
  • To create a place of safety where children can be cared for until a more suitable, long term placement can be made,
  • To create homes within the child’s own community to promote the healthy development of children in as normal an environment as possible,
  • To facilitate the fostering process of these children,
  • To provide foster parents with essential items helping to carry the financial load of caring for these children in their homes,
  • To create support groups for these foster homes on an ongoing basis and to give support, encouragement and training for foster parents on an ongoing basis.